Debbie Siebers​

About Debbie Siebers


When leading wellness expert Debbie Siebers first entered the fitness industry, she never imagined that one day her life’s work and passion would instill positive changes in hundreds of thousands of lives.  Debbie shares her own drive for self-improvement and holistic health to help others motivate, find discipline and ultimately achieve results to balance mind, body and spirit through her proven steps to healthy living.

Now 30  years later since she embarked on her fitness career, Debbie’s fitness program, “Slim in 6”, through Beachbody has grossed over $250 million dollars worldwide in home video sales and Debbie’s appeal is only growing.   Her sixth infomercial for “Slim in 6”, in which she hosted, was the #2 Fitness Program in the UK and is also selling Internationally. In June, 2015, Beachbody launched their digital availability for her “Slim in 6” program.

“Siebers Style , her personal brand, become synonymous with not only the best in fitness guidance but also an entire philosophy of healthy living.

Debbie’s personal journey battling her own poor eating habits and weight gain, gives her the ability to relate to her viewers’ individual struggles and provide sound advice for guaranteed results.

A motivational role model who has overcome the same challenges faced by those she inspires, Debbie now provides proprietary exercise programs, complete with tips for overall wellness from reducing stress to balancing your diet.  Through years of trial and error, Debbie has learned from experience that a healthy lifestyle is a conscious decision that produces life-changing benefits.

“Exercise is just step one, “ says Siebers.  “It’s about finding a balance between being at peace with yourself, eating nutritious meals consistently and finding a passion for whatever you’re doing”.

Now 59 years young, Debbie draws from over 25 years of real world experience in the fitness and personal training industries.  Certified with the AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America), the world’s largest fitness education Association, Debbie has both the credentials and credibility to inspire people to choose a wellness path for themselves.  A pioneer in the television fitness personality sector, Debbie’s recent accolades include her role as the fitness expert on the FOX prime-time reality show, “the Swan,” which has inspired so many makeover shows since its first airing.  No doubt with over 11,000 search pages on Google alone, Debbie is best known for her “Slim in 6” exercise program for Beachbody and as a leading creator of in-home fitness and weight loss solutions, all of which are available through

“You would be amazed at how much you can do at home to become fit and healthy.  It’s about establishing a routine, being consistent, and challenging yourself to be the most healthy, mindful and fulfilled you can be while working out in your own environment.” 

Due to its overwhelming popularity, “Slim in 6” extended into the “Slim Series” and “Slim Series Express”, a sequence of workouts with specific fitness objectives that combine cardiovascular exercise with resistance training techniques designed to create a lean, defined body.  She also has a healing program, “Total Body Solution” which was launched on Beachbody’s website and addresses people’s limitations, whether it be with their lower back, shoulders, knee, neck or core. The programs include easy-to-follow drills that will help increase mobility, muscular endurance and improve joint health.  Debbie is now on a mission to help people achieve pain free lives. 

Prior to her vast accomplishments in the exercise video, personal training, and hosting arenas, Debbie began her career as a trainer for Body-By-Jake, and has participated in numerous television productions, including FIT TV’s cooking and exercise show “Fitting It In”, as well as Discovery Health Channel’s “National Body Challenge,” E! News Daily, KABC-TV in Los Angeles, QVC’s “Today’s Special Value” and the Travel Channel’s “Swimsuit Slim Down”.

Whether Debbie is sponsoring a great product in a commercial, inspiring her followers through her Beachbody infomercials and online chats, motivating people at her public speaking engagements, she is a powerful and positive woman who is always striving, creating, inspiring and smiling as she coaches us all towards better health.

Recently, she partnered up with Fadi Sayegh to form   (Live.Vitality.Wellness), a health and wellness company targeting the 50+ consumer, people with limitations, and anyone just beginning to exercise or who want to workout without beating up their joints.  Her new programs, “BODY DYNAMIX” and “BODY DYNAMIX 2” consists of seven low impact, joint friendly, strengthening, healing and restorative routines. There are also 2 bonus routines offered for each program.  “Body Dynamix” is now available on DVD as well on a digital platform for individual subscription. 

Since making the move from her hometown of Little Chute, Wisconsin, to West Hollywood, California, where she lived for 32 years.  She re-located a few years ago and now resides in Denver, CO. Siebers has kept her Midwestern approachability and radiates an all-American, girl-next-door persona, truly believing that if you can dream it, you can achieve it.  Her core values still place a strong emphasis on family, and when asked what she considers to be her greatest success, Siebers will be the first to admit “Making my parents proud, that’s my biggest accomplishment.” And how could they not be proud of their daughter, who is one of eight siblings, that has made her passion for wellness a staple for those striving to achieve the same goals she has worked so hard to attain.

Cell:  310-429-7607