Dr. Gaila Mackenzie-Strawn, MS,DC, BCTN​

About Dr. Gaila Mackenzie-Strawn

Dr. Gaila Mackenzie is a Board Certified Traditional Naturopathic Physician who has 35 years of experience treating and educating patients and other healthcare practitioners in the field of natural medicine.  Her passion in life is to help others regain and maintain good health and she believes that information and education are the keys to having optimum health.

Dr. Gaila holds a Master's Degree in Clinical Nutrition & Biology, is a licensed Chiropractic Physician, completed all required courses and rotations for a Medical Degree and has done post doctoral training in Functional Medicine through Kalish Institute and Functional Medicine University. In addition to her professional practice, she produced and hosted a weekly radio show on San Diego radio stations - KFMB, KSDO and KCEO, and a nationally syndicated show on Talk America Radio Network. She has appeared on KUSI and Montel Williams.

Dr. Gaila consults both locally in San Diego and provides Telehealth consultations worldwide.  She specializes in clinically investigating the underlying causes and customizing health programs for chronic conditions such as digestive disorders hormonal imbalances and autoimmune issues.