Kita Szpak​

About Kita Szpak

Kita Szpak is an author, happiness expert, speaker and publicist.  Her first children’s book “You’re Special Wherever You Are” was published in 2009. Having already begun her “Happiness” research, Kita co-authored “Tipping Point to Happiness” in 2010.  Following the book’s release, she undertook a U.S. radio campaign and earned the title of “happiness expert” along the way. Presently Kita is an in-house happiness expert on the show; contributes to Parenting Times in Canada; is published online as well as has been a contributing writer to Status Magazine, WORKING moms Africa,, and the Professional Journal of The New York Academy of Public Education. It is her objective to teach the “how to” of happiness in the health and education sectors as well as the corporate world. This activity has birthed the Happiness Road Tour initiative found at Kita’s last book “The SIMPLE Life: Shiny Objects Not Required” as well as her other books are available at