Phoenix Rising Star

About Phoenix Rising Star

Phoenix Rising Star specializes in helping transformational leaders 'rise from the ashes' and create the life they were meant to live. As a world trainer in cellular memory healing, she helps clear the 'issues from the tissues' and bust through the blockages that keep us playing small. Using tools such as hypnotherapy,  angel channeling, shamanic journeys, and energy healing, Phoenix mentors and teaches transformational leaders to trust their guidance and create personal action plans for successful lucrative living. Author of The Recipe for Your Soul:  5 Steps to a Delicious Life and the forthcoming The Hollow Bone of Healing:  The Energy Therapy of the Future, Phoenix offers healing and guided meditations for change. Some of her career highlights include co-authoring with James Van Praagh, taking the stage with Don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements), and studying with a mayan shaman, Don Miguel Vallencio in Belize.  When you are ready to transform your life into the one you were meant to live, contact Phoenix. Private sessions, mentoring, group programs.,