Rachel Lauren Wade​

About Rachel Lauren Wade

Rachel is a Certified Professional life Coach with a B.A. in Psychology, and a MBA in Global Business from the University of Redlands. I have been in business for over 15 years, leading, speaking, and inspiring others to live their lives with purpose and fulfillment. Before I was a coach I worked for Fortune 500 corporations to small non-profits changing the course of the organizations for the better. I have studied the best known coaches in the profession; such as Marta Beck, Danielle La Porte, Michael Beckwith, John Grant and Janet Grace Nelson.


Rachel works with women and men in life transition. She works with clients who  feel "stuck" in their current environment. They know they want to make a significant change but do not know how to do so. You have stayed in a job to long, you are extremely unhappy and want out. Perhaps you are feeling stuck in an relationship and you want more from life. Or maybe your health has been an issue or you are just not happy. These examples are clients I have worked with and many of them had all of these issues listed above and more. Clients first come to me feeling their struggles are never ending, but working together we create and achieve a successful life they now love.