Whitney Vosburgh​

About Whitney Vosburgh

Whitney Vosburgh is co-author of two WORK THE FUTURE! TODAY books, and co-founder of the company of the same name, which offers vision, leadership and solutions for maximizing personal, organizational, and societal potential. He is co-founder of Brand New Purpose, a brand transformation consultancy that creates purpose-built opportunities.

As an interim Fortune 20 Chief Marketing Officer, Whitney has guided over $20 billion in value creation. His expertise has been featured in four books on the Future of Work, including a bestseller by Dan Pink. Whitney’s work is featured in ABC, BBC, Conscious Company, Newsweek, Time, and The Wall Street Journal.

As an author, speaker and workshop leader, Whitney always asks, “Why?” — and then creates actionable clarity by turning complexity into simplicity. His purpose is to elevate people, organizations, and communities to a brand new sense of purpose, possibility, and plenty. Whitney focuses on catalyzing transformation, so we can share our gifts with the world to make a lasting difference.